What’s the Difference Between a Facebook Personal Profile and Fan Page & Which Should You Use To Build Your Biz?…

Fleur, a Elite VIP Member of mine recently asked me,

' Emma,

Quick question...

I have my personal profile page on fb : Fleur xxxx Linked to that account I then have my business page Embrace Your Best Life - xxxx Independent Consultant.

Not knowing fully how to use fb I find this one a pain and hard to manage...

MOVING FORWARD - what do I keep, ditch, start up?

Fan page instead of embraceyourbestlife?? Or linked to it?

Or ....do I need them linked to my personal profile? HELP. '

I answered Fleur's question here (plus a ton of other helpful tips)

What did you think?

Did you get value from this was it helpful?...

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To your success!

Emma x

Emma Jones

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