How To Build an AMAZING Team Of Leaders (who want to succeed as much as you do…)

I remember the day my number one Leader joined my first Network Marketing team...

She wasn't even someone I knew. She was a friend of another personal recruit of mine.

I was pretty much the 'go to' person who always spoke to potential 'newbies', because I was good at closing and being able to have meaningful conversations. So, like most other times, she was passed to me to talk about the opportunity.

I remember her being so excited, raring to go, just totally GOT IT from the get go.

In truth she reminded me of me when I first saw the opportunity for the first time and realised what was possible...

To cut a long story short, she ended up joining our team and just blew it out the water! Literally. She was a superstar leader and people followed her and wanted to be a part of what she was doing.

If she was doing it, her friends wanted to be doing it too...

I've been lucky to have several more leaders like her join me, in my journey, since.

But today, I attract Leaders into my business EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

It isn't by a chance meeting, or a referral from another sponsor.

It's intentional from the start.

It's a skill I've developed and duplicated.

And I'm going to show you how I do it...

This past month I have had a weekly Q & A over on my social media page, where I have been asking my audience what is THE Number 1 thing they are currently struggling with in their business.

And, without doubt, what most people were saying was, they struggle to find QUALITY prospects and members to join their team and want to succeed as much as they do.

When I am coaching my clients, what repeatedly comes up time and time again is people fire-fighting building their teams as they're having to replace the ones who keep leaving...

Or the ones who join - then do nothing.

Can you relate to this?...

You have members who join your team, but unfortunately (and for whatever reason) they're just not cut out for it.

You find you're the person who's keeping them motivated - not the other way around.

You find you have to do a lot of 'hand holding'. [ And this is SUPER time-consuming ]

You find you're constantly stuck to your business (or your phone) 24/7 with the never ending questions.

[ I thought the whole point of this was to have time-freedom right ? ]

Well today I'm going to give you the answer, and show you how to build an amazing team full of quality leaders, who want to succeed as much as you do.

They do exist! 😉

But first of all we need to take a look at where you may be going wrong...

1) Most people in Network Marketing companies are taught to recruit everyone and anyone. Whilst this does work for some, it doesn't work for most.

By taking this approach, it is a bit like finding a needle in a haystack.

Keep recruiting until you find someone who wants to succeed as much as you do.

And when you find them, boy do you know it! 

In fact I bet you can name your top team member right now.

AND I bet you've said to yourself before now, 'If only everyone else could be like her/him....'

Haven't you! 

(Take a moment to think of your top leaders, and now imagine a team FULL of people like that! - Where would you be now in your business if that was the case?...)

2) Write a list of 100 people and contact them.

Again the problem with this approach is you have NO IDEA whether the people YOU'RE about to prospect have any interest in what you're doing.

You run the risk of bugging friends and family and alienating yourself in the process.

Not to mention there will be a BIG number of rejections coming your way.

This is one of the biggest reasons why people join then quit. Facing constant rejection makes us face what we fear most... And that's super uncomfortable for most.

Once of the biggest reasons I have been successful in my business is because I learnt the skill of getting people to come to me instead.

And this is what I teach my team.

It's called attraction marketing.

Whether you've heard of it or not. It saved my business and turned it around. And it's a skill, which for me, if you're serious about building a successful business you HAVE to learn.

3) Continue to bug friends and family....

Now, do I really need to explain this one?

We've all been there.

And for me , I was never fully comfortable with it.

The reason I wasn't fully comfortable with it was because of this.

As soon as I got rejected from a friend or a family member, it hurt...

It can be tough taking a 'No' from friends and family.

Plus, once I was told 'No' , I didn't feel right going back time and time again, to try and do the same thing they'd already said no to.

You really can't keep saying the same message to the same people and hope to receive a different response.

That's tough!


So how on earth do you find quality people who want to succeed as much as you do?

First of all you need to understand a concept.

The true secret to building a stable 6- and 7-figure business in network marketing (or any other business for that matter) is actually to have greater emphasis on QUALITY over QUANTITY.

Give me 5 Quality team members over 50 average any day!

The truth of it is- not everyone you sponsor is going to stick around for the long haul... I don't want this to discourage you, but it's the truth. And if you've been around in Network Marketing long enough you'll know it's a fact.

It's not for everyone.

But, it's your Leaders that are going to take you to the top.

Make no doubt about that.

And whilst I do believe a Leader lies within all of us, some possess this quality much more than others.

The Leaders who want to succeed as much as you do understand that the emphasis needs to be more focussed on training and building leaders.

Leaders also will NOT want their hand holding. You generally only need to point them in the right direction, to the right tool, and they'll have the initiative to go ahead and learn.

And here's the secret...

I'm very selective.

I QUALIFY people rather than just recruit them. And I teach my clients to do the same.

Qualify people first.

I mean, imagine that! Being able to qualify people BEFORE recruiting them!

Only if I TRULY believe they are winners, leaders and want to succeed as much as I do (or close to it), THEN and only then, do I invite them to take a look at my products and opportunity.

And I teach my students and my team to do the same.

How I Teach My Clients To Run This Qualification Process on Autopilot (well 80% of it)

Instead of doing 1 on 1 conversations with prospects offline or online (major time consuming) , I teach my clients to qualify prospects through a process that is actually automated AND online using something called Attraction Marketing.

Now, before I explain, I want to teach you what Attraction Marketing is NOT.

Attraction Marketing is not spamming people on social media, via messages or groups asking people to take a look at your opportunity (this is something I used to do, trust me, it's nowhere near as effective as Attraction Marketing).

In fact, ‘attraction marketing’ is a completely passive activity (i.e. you aren’t messaging anyone) where people actually send YOU their contact information, so they can learn more about your product or opportunity.

How lovely is that!

People contacting YOU! 

But here’s the deal, just because someone shows an interest in your business, doesn’t mean you’re going to sponsor them or want to sponsor them.

It means that they need to demonstrate that they are a good fit for your business and this is done using something we call in the online world a ‘funnel.’

We want to sift out the serious prospects that want to succeed as much as we do.

We do this using a funnel.

A ‘funnel’ consists of a series of short steps, which is designed to replace the 1-on-1 offline conversation.

AND (this is my favourite part) most of it is automated...

You seriously can learn to attract and sift out amazing quality leaders for your team on automation.

Do you realise how much time this frees up for you to concentrate on other things?

Like spending quality time with your loved ones?

Which, for me, is the number 1 reason I do all of this.

And it's also the reason for most of my clients.

They don't actually want to be the Diamond Leader in their company, they want what comes as a RESULT of being a Diamond Leader.

Does that make sense?

And having a funnel working for you 24/7, sifting through your prospects to identify the quality candidates will change your business.

It really does allow you to have more time to do the things you REALLY want to do.

I generate fresh prospects EVERY. SINGLE. DAY for my business.

Yet only a select few qualify to be leaders in my business.

AND the rest tend to become customers! #DoubleResult

If you want to learn how to set up your own 'attraction marketing funnel', this is my number 1 resource I advise all my clients and my team mates to take a look at (and it's where I started too). 

Access my number 1 resource, the Attraction Marketing Free 10 Day Bootcamp, here.


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I don’t care whether you are in an MLM company, direct sales, an affiliate marketer or whatever the case may be….if you need leads for your business and you want to recruit more leaders, this 10 Day Bootcamp will be a wealth of information for you and it might just change everything, like it did for me.



To your success!


- I believe in helping people unlock and achieve their full potential -


Emma Jones

Wondering what I do? I help network marketers and home business entrepreneurs reach their full potential and build their dream business. How? By using powerful online tools, systems, and strategies to generate leads, boost sales, and grow their teams.

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