How to Turn Perfect Strangers into Passionate Business-Builders Using Online Sales Funnels

Have you ever wondered if your business posts are annoying and turning people off?

The truth is that many Network Marketers are ruining their business on social media (without even knowing it!).

In this blog post I'm going to share the RIGHT way to to recruit on social media and more importantly I'm going to share a strategy that will actually help you grow your business online.

Many uplines are still unfortunately in the dinosaur age and are teaching outdated approaches to building online.

A lot of the time what I find is that it is also simply a lack of skill set for your upline. They can't teach you what they don't know, so it may not necessarily be intentional.

However what worked 5 years ago online to bring huge success to others in your company doesn't work anymore.

What's worse, it might actually be repelling people!

So what does work online today, to attract your perfect prospects and turn them into business builders?

In the online world, we call it a 'Sales Funnel'...

Now, if you've ever visited an IKEA (or even your local store), then you've already experienced what's called a “sales funnel.”

Basically, a sales funnel is a carefully predetermined sequence of steps that are designed to encourage a full shopping trolley/cart.

Think about IKEA: you are literally “funnelled” through an entire showroom BEFORE you reach the warehouse to pick up your items, thereby exposing you to significantly more products than you were interested in perusing (…like when you just went for another KALLAX and wound up wanting to remodel your entire kitchen.)

Lol. I do this all time time. Ikea is just too tempting right!

Even your local grocery store is carefully crafted to provide more opportunities to make you want to buy more items…

Milk, cheese, eggs, and meat are spread out around the perimeter so you have to circumnavigate the entire store to buy the most common staples…not to mention how the checkout aisle provides ample last-minute temptation to maximise your checkout value!

How many times have you been at the till and picked up a bar of chocolate, the latest magazine or some mints?...

Far too easy to chuck that chocolate bar in...

It's an awful clever trick on their part, but here's the good news…

Your business can benefit immensely from such sales funnels too!

They can become a major driver of your marketing efforts on the internet.

And on that note, below I'm going to reveal…

How YOU can turn absolute strangers into passionate business-builders using online funnels

I've been using funnels online, since 2015.

In essence, a sales funnel is THE cornerstone of any attraction marketing system.

It’s a step-by-step process that guides a cold market prospect from perfect stranger, to customer, and…eventually…to advocate.

Here’s an example…

As you walk down the street, you see some make-up brushes in a beauty store window.

You happen to love make-up and beauty.

You say to yourself, “Oh, I love them.”

And then you walk through the door.

As you enter the store, someone greets you by saying, “Hi, welcome to our store. Can I help you?”

You answer, “Yes, I'm looking to buy some make-up brushes. The ones in the window caught my eye; can you help me?”

The person asks you a few questions…

  • “What type of brushes do you usually use?”
  • “What kind of make-up do you tend to use?”
  • “Have you used brushes like this before?”

After you answer those questions, the conversation shifts.

The person says, “Well, you know, those brushes are great, but because you've never really used ones like this before, I'd recommend starting with these.”

Eventually, you walk out of that store with your new set of brushes.

And lo and behold…

You had such a great experience you tell your friends all about it!

Now you’re an advocate.

And that, right there, is a funnel.

You went through a series of steps that transformed you from someone who wasn't even thinking about buying new make-up brushes into someone who spent quite a fair bit on new brushes – all in a matter of minutes!

And if you really got value out of the education, recommendations, and experience provided by said store, you'll likely refer all of your beauty loving friends to that store, right?

So, to recap what just happened in this particular funnel…

Step one: you were walking down the street.

Step two: something caught your eye – the brushes in the window.

(Online, an ad or post on social media that catches your eye works just the same.)

Step three: You're interested and walk into the store.

(Online, when you click on an ad or post – it’s just like walking into the store.)

Step four: The minute you walk into the store (or click on an ad), somebody greets you and starts asking questions.

With an online funnel, we make an assumption about what interests you, we give you information, and we provide value—just like the person in the beauty store.

Here's what I don't want you to miss from this example…

Adding value during the sales process is a critical part of an effective funnel

When that salesperson in the store asks questions, they're doing so to make you feel understood, to educate you, and to make sure they serve you in the best way possible.

An online funnel does exactly that.

You start by making a few assumptions about what interests the person visiting your site or clicking on your ad has.

Then you share value and educate them.

And if the prospect feels good about the interaction, you'll make a sale.

Ultimately, if they got REAL value out of doing business with you, they’ll recommend you, and go on to spread your good word with all their friends... BINGO!

Pretty straightforward, right?

A sales funnel is a process that transforms people from strangers to customers to advocates

An online funnel starts by offering your visitor something of value in exchange for their contact information.

At this point, you know they're interested in what you have because they’ve given you their information.

That makes them a lead.

Providing value to that lead warms them up.

And once they’re warmed up, they become a prospect.

You’ll share value until you propose an offer.

And once they accept your offer, they become a customer.

This process can take as little as a few minutes or as long as hours, days, weeks, or even months.

The power of funnels are they allow your prospects to move at their own pace and take action when they're ready.

I'm sure you've heard the phrase, the fortune is in the follow up?...

Yet most network marketers get a 'NO' then stop there, they don't bother to follow up.

A funnel allows you to follow up, AND what I love about funnels is this can be done on automation too. Giving you more time and freedom, which is what you want right?

I've had people on my list for years, then BAM all of sudden one day they decide to buy my product or join my team...

Your job is to keep providing value and keep following up until they become a customer.

But that's not where the funnel ends.

If you want to be really effective – especially in network marketing – your goal is to turn that customer into a recurring customer.

There are several ways to do that.

  • Offer discounts for continuing to buy from you (like a loyalty program)
  • Continue to educate and provide value to them
  • Provide such quality service and appreciation they wouldn’t even think of buying from anyone else
  • In our team, we have a special online group just for our customers, so they can interact with other customers and feel like they're part of a very special group of people, which they are
  • This also creates recurring customers as they see what other customers are buying
  • Look to create a unique experience like this for your customers, so they keep coming back.

Once they become a recurring customer, they become an advocate—referring business to you because they believe so strongly in what you're doing.

That's what an effective sales funnel does.

It works from the front end all the way through the back end – even after they become a customer.

In network marketing, using the principles of attraction marketing, the funnel process works like this…

It starts with a visitor.

The visitor becomes a lead when they submit their information – on a website, a web form of some kind, or some type of capture mechanism – because they're interested in learning about something, but they're not necessarily ready to buy.

At this point, hold your horses; don’t get excited.

They're not ready to join you…yet.

You give them some value, they get warmed up.

They become a prospect only when they raise their hand and say…

“Hey, I'm actually pretty serious about doing this, I want to learn some more.”

Visitor, lead, prospect.

You share some information – you direct them to a video or they hop on a webinar, or they are added to your Facebook group to get more specific information.

Now they're ready to become a team member.

But that’s not where it ends.

If you want to build a massive organisation of people who are raging fans of you, your product, and your company…

…then that’s certainly not where it ends!

You're just getting started.

A lot of network marketers mess up because they stop there.

Many network marketers think just recruiting is enough.

That's inaccurate. Recruiting is never enough.

What should happen is a process to enrol that team member, so that they are educated enough, and given so much value, they think…

“Wow, this is really cool. These people really care about me. Not only that, they're giving me a process and a system so I can become effective at building my business.”

Your funnel now turns that new team member into a fellow business-builder.

Now they're actively doing something to build their business.

Now they're generating prospects and customers on their own.

But that's still not where the funnel ends, either.

Your funnel now turns that builder into a LEADER, as you continue to provide value and teach them how to build.

So now, you educate them about how they can be effective at helping others accomplish what they've just accomplished.

Now they’re also helping OTHERS lead people from the visitor phase to the builder phase.

And that's key, because only when you're capable of leading other people and walking them through the process from visitor to builders and all the steps in between, do YOU become a leader.

Investing in people on a leadership level is a higher-level skillset you want to learn

…if you want your funnel to be effective, that is.

Building a funnel allows you to not only recruit a lot of people into your business, but it also leads people past the point where they've taken out their card and bought.

In network marketing terms, the right funnel helps you turn team members into builders, and eventually into leaders themselves – so that you create true leverage and duplication in your organisation.

With the attraction marketing techniques I teach here, you can create a perpetual internet marketing machine bringing in recruits and making sales automatically.

You want to create leaders in your organisation so you can step away and enjoy true passive income

You know, when you're making money while you sleep.

When you build leaders, the next step in your funnel is, basically, “See you later!”

And that's the ultimate goal of network marketing – creating true passive income!

Social media, if you're using it properly, also behaves like a funnel

Think about this…

You publish valuable content (a post, or a live or video).

Someone likes or starts following you.

Thus, they've qualified themselves as leads.

As you publish more valuable information, your followers will engage with your content.

They feel they know you.

They begin to trust you.

They probably even genuinely like you at this point.

And at some point, you will make an offer by providing a link to something to purchase.

Your followers will take action because you’ve built so much trust

You have a relationship, a rapport now.

And you'll obviously deliver on what you offered.

In traditional website-based funnels, people transform from visitor to lead where they share their contact information with you.

On social media, they transform into leads simply by following you.

And even though you don't own the social media channel, treat it like a funnel.

You can also use your Facebook groups as a funnel.

Move people from stranger to prospect, and then add them into your group to share more information with them.

That might turn those prospects into customers…team members…or even builders and leaders.

Regardless of the technology you're using…

You can use your funnel to create team members, builders, and leaders.

So whether you're building up your retail base or building your team, I've got you covered.

Now you may be thinking, I don't have a clue where to start with a funnel?

Or, how do I attract the right people in the first place so they can go through my funnel?

I've got you covered...

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This is, by far, the most efficient (and fun!) way to build your business today.

In fact, I'll share exactly how my funnels currently generate me 30-100 leads per day, 3-5 customers per day, and onboard several new serious business builders each month.

These online attraction marketing methods continue to push the boundaries of what's possible in network marketing.

So if you’re ready to get started…

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And if you found this content helpful, I would love to read your comments below!

To your success!
Emma Jones
Attraction Marketing & Funnel Expert

Emma Jones

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