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Attention Struggling Marketers: Stop Putting Up With Poor Results, Overwhelm & A Lack Of Help & Guidance Forever!

Emma Jones

" Have You Ever Felt Stuck & Frustrated As An Entrepreneur? "

Or Just Can't Figure This Whole Online Marketing Business Building Thing Out? "

From The Desk Of Emma Jones:

Dear Online Marketer,

If you've ever wanted to build the business of your dreams without battling with the overwhelm and frustration that comes with building your business online then this will be the most important message you'll ever read.

Because I'm going to show you how to build the business of your dreams that will give you the financial freedom you are searching for.

But before we get into that ... let me ask you this...

Are you tired of wondering why other people are making money online and you're not?

Do you wish you could stop the overwhelm, confusion, noise and frustration that comes with building your business online?

Believe me, I can feel your frustration... I've been there...

Can You Relate To Any Of These Business Frustrations?

  • You're not generating enough (or any) quality leads to talk with or present your offer to
  • You're uneasy about investing in Facebook Advertising because you don't really know what you're doing and can't afford to lose your hard earned money
  • You see others achieving success from Facebook Advertising, Facebook Lives, Blogging and other marketing strategies... but you haven't been able to 'crack the code' with any of these methods yet
  • You feel overwhelmed and 'non-techy' when it comes to technology and you're not sure how you're supposed to use it with your business
  • You're mentally exhausted by all the noise, different strategies and "marketing puzzle pieces" and all you want is some help and guidance to build your business online

If you're suffering from any of the above frustrations there are two things you need to know...

1. It doesn't have to be this way

2. You need coaching and mentorship if you truly want to build the business of your dreams

You Have Just As Much A Chance Of Building The Business Of Your Dreams From What You're About To Discover As Anyone Else Reading This!

Fact is: there is one undeniable truth all smart marketers hold to be true...

... If you want to achieve massive breakthroughs in your business, get coaching and mentorship from successful people who have been there and done the things you're trying to do!

But not the kind of "coaching" the so-called "Gurus" offer that doesn't really have any substance to it

You need hands on training, coaching and mentorship from people who have successfully built their own business online...

And who's actively in the marketing trenches every day finding new proven ways to successfully market online.

Simply put, smart business owners all agree on one thing:

If you want to build the business of your dreams then you must have coaching and mentorship from people who have achieved the results you're looking for.

What I'm leading to is this...

You Need Coaching & Mentorship To Build The Business Of Your Dreams!

Let me explain...

In 2018 I am on a mission to help as many people as possible build the business of their dreams

And I want to give you the greatest gift I could ever give a fellow online marketer.

It's the key to my secrets

The key to my training vault that I'm currently building behind the scenes

An actual digital library of trainings, shortcuts, and hacks designed to help every...

  • Home Based Business Owner
  • Affiliate Marketer
  • Entrepreneur
  • Circle
    Network Marketer
  • Circle
    Online Marketer
  • Circle
    Traditional Business Owner

... spark growth in your business so you can finally build the business of your dreams!

Are You Ready To Finally Build The Business Of Your Dreams?...

I'll tell you more on how you can get started in a moment but first...

I want to tell you a little story.

You see, just recently I sat down and documented everything I've done and achieved to grow my business online from zero to multiple 6 figures.

For example: 

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    How I've profitably generated over 23,007 leads online using various social media platforms and strategies, however focussing heavily on Facebook
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    How I've been able to earn over $130k in commissions in just ONE of my income streams
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    How I was able to close over $150k in sales as a coach in ONE SINGLE WEEKEND at a recent company event, earning over $15k commissions in 48 hours. 
  • check
    How I was able to win several contests with one of my income streams, most recently winning a brand new Macbook Air
  • check
    How I've invested over $26k in mentorship and personal development and continue to invest in mentorship personally
  • check
    How I was able to create ads and content that generated me leads and sales consistently
  • check
    How I was able to coach hundreds in a separate coaching program to start getting the same results
  • check
    How I've been able to create the business and lifestyle I always knew I was capable of. Being my own boss, calling the shots and spending whatever time I chose with my family, especially my children.

When I was finished documenting everything I was pretty shocked with what I'd achieved in such a short space of time... I also had a manual for what it REALLY takes to build a successful business online.

However, this treasure chest of knowledge, until now, has been kept under lock and key

Only to be brought out when I'm working 1 on 1 with my coaching clients.

But now I've decided to do something different.

Now it's no longer about my success, but creating success for others. I want to bring as many people as possible along on this journey with me...

I've decided to reveal my secrets, unlock the manual and create a training vault and make it available to all other entrepreneurs, home based business owners, and online marketers like you.

The goal is simple : I want you to have huge breakthroughs in your business! I want to share with you what's worked (and still is) working for me. I want to give you more access to me and create a private coaching community of fellow marketers who not only can learn from me but will also learn from each other.

And so, The Facebook Success Academy was born...

Emma Jones

The Facebook Success Academy

The Facebook Success Academy is my biggest course to date where I revealed my Facebook Success Blueprint.

Reserved for serious entrepreneurs and home based business owners only, this course if what you want if you're serious about building the business of your dreams online.

Your training comes in the form of 6 Modules and over 15 hours of recorded live training with me with step by step guidance and assignments along the way.

In the Facebook Success Academy, you'll have access to my entire Facebook Training Vault.

You'll have access to the entire Digital Library of trainings and you can review them whenever you want and for as long as you want.

Introducing The Facebook Success Academy!
Grab The Facebook Success Academy Today

( Or 2 x Payments of $510 )

What Do You Get When You Join The Facebook Success Academy Today

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    My Facebook Success Academy Vault! Over 15 hours of recorded Live training & 3.5 years of experience, testing and RESULTS packed into 6 Modules!
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    Module 1 : Facebook Foundation - Building The Foundation For Success, so you can quickly start getting results and generating leads.
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    Module 2: Facebook Success Formula - Content. What you should be posting on Facebook so you can generate leads and sales
  • check
    Module 3 : 100 Likes & Beyond - How to build your Facebook page to 100 likes and beyond! Little known secrets to beat the competition and build your page FAST
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    Module 4 : Facebook Lives : The Power of Going Live so you can build your brand, generate leads and make more sales
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    Module 5 : Facebook Advertising 101 : How to advertise on Facebook PROFITABLY, so you can scale your business and have more time freedom!
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    Module 6 : Facebook Advertising Secrets : Secrets I've used in my business , so you can be profitable, beat the competition, generate leads and make more sales for LESS!
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    Step by step guidance and assignments in between each Module 
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    Access To Our Private Facebook Success Academy Community 
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    Final Q & A

Who Is The Facebook Success Academy For?

  • Network Marketers (Who want to build online)
  • Direct Sales Professionals 
  • Online / Internet Marketers
  • certificate
    Affiliate Marketers
  • certificate
    Traditional Business Owners

The Facebook Success Academy Is Perfect If...

  • You're a beginner
  • You're struggling to figure out this whole "online marketing" thing
  • You're a more "seasoned" marketer
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    You want help, guidance and mentorship
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    You're winging it
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    You've decided 2018 is your year!

Just Implementing A Fraction Of What You'll Learn In The Facebook Success Academy Could Lead To A Business Breakthrough You Previously Thought Wasn't Possible...

What Others Are Saying...

​So if you're...

  • Yearning for help and guidance
  • Getting so overwhelmed trying to figure out this "whole online marketing thing"
  • cog
    Winging it, or "hoping and praying" your business will somehow become successful
  • Ready for coaching & mentorship and a short cut to RESULTS

Then The Facebook Success Academy Is Perfect For YOU!