Hi I'm Emma Jones,

Wondering what I do? I help you generate leads and increase sales in your business online, while helping you dream believe and most importantly, achieve your full potential.

A born entrepreneur (whilst it did take me a while to really find this and ignite it) it was always there from an early age. I love nothing more than helping other entrepreneurial minded individuals realize their greatness and fulfill it.

After being in the education sector as a teacher for many years I finally found that opportunity that sparked the entrepreneurial flame inside me and that was originally through Network Marketing.

I love working with entrepreneurs (many from the home based business industry) and like minded people to bring their business online through social media. 


Because I've done it, and it feels GREAT!

  • I've profitably generated over 23,000 leads online using various social media platforms and strategies, however focussing heavily on Facebook
  • I've been able to earn over $130k in commissions in just ONE of my income streams
  • As a high end sales coach I was able to close over $150k in sales in ONE SINGLE WEEKEND at a recent company event, earning over $15k commissions in 48 hours.
  • I've coached and trained these strategies and skills to thousands of others in the industry. And continue to build a thriving community of entrepreneurial 'go 'getters' who I work with closely to train and help achieve their goals and dreams.
  • I've been able to create the business and lifestyle I always knew I was capable of. Being my own boss, calling the shots and spending whatever time I chose with my family, especially my children and now I get to do the same for others.

My clients and students often say, I allow them to believe in themselves and achieve their full potential. I help them to create success online and build the lifestyle of their dreams.

And when I'm not coaching, going Live on Facebook or delivering one of my training programs - you can find me spending quality time with my family, dancing (a life long hobby of mine), watching re-runs of friends or generally running around after my kids!

It's time to stop dreaming, start doing and achieving!